Our Service Process

Herewith an explanation of Civil Aviation Assist’s services – please read carefully to avoid any delays in the delivering of your license.


How does it work?

You courier us your SACAA application form together with all the necessary required documents, we then submit the documents to the SACAA and courier your license, etc. back to you.



Civil Aviation Assist cc Service Fee per client:                                              



Courier Fee for documents sent back to you in South Africa                        






Civil Aviation Assist cc Service Fee for Medical Updates – deliver

and collection from SACAA                                                                             


 It is compulsory to include proof of payment with an email address with the medical or Differences/Familiarisation Training applications when sending it to us.

 Please contact us for a quote should you require us to courier documents to any International destination.

You will receive a notification SMS when documents are received. We will forward another SMS when sending the license back to you, including the Courier waybill number.

 The processing of your documentation at SACAA, takes 5-10 working days.


Banking Details

SACAA banking details are available on any SACAA application form on the top of the page under the address.

(Please type your license number as reference. These details are compulsory. Without these details your payment will not be accepted at the SACAA)


Civil Aviation Assist cc banking details:

Civil Aviation Assist cc


Branch Code -169745

Account No – 1004403410

Current Account

Ref: Please type your Surname and Initials as a reference.

 Please make sure that both the proof of payments to Civil Aviation Assist & SACAA are attached to your application.


No license will be processed without the correct payment.           


How do I send the documentation to Civil Aviation Assist cc?

You may send the documents to us by Courier or by PostNet : (Please Do Not Use Postal Service. We will not take responsibility for documents lost)


PostNet to Postnet (2-3 working days delivery)

Please send documents from your nearest Postnet Branch to:

PostNet Equestria,

Shop 11A Equestria Centre Cnr off Simon Vermooten and Furrow Road,

Die Wilgers Pretoria

For counter pick-up (012 807 3280/0866)

Att: Civil Aviation Assist (083 442 8452)




Courier (overnight, regional areas 1 day)

CSIR Campus

Building 8, 2nd Floor, Room 227

Meiring Naude Street




At: Aviation Assist (083 442 8452)


Important Points to remember when sending your documentation.


  1. Application forms are available here  and on the SACAA website . SACAA will only accept the latest original completed application forms, no copies or scanned copies will be accepted.
  2. Please read the fine print on the application form for your information and requirements.
  3. No tippex may be used on the application forms. If a mistake has been made re-write the form. No amendments will be accepted without the applicant/instructor’s signature.
  4. Logbook: All Applications should be accompanied by “certified copies of the last 3 pages of your logbook and a flight summary or a 12 month summary (depending on the application) appearing on the last page. This does not apply to pilots revalidating their licenses under a foreign operator. 
  5. Any “flight test entry” must be endorsed by the instructor and a certified copy of the endorsement page must also be sent with the logbook.
  6. Any “flight test” application must be initialed by the instructor and the applicant on each page.
  7. Please only send the yellow copy of your medical certificate or a certified copy of a valid medical certificate. Please check that the doctor has marked the medically fit block as well as one of the classes and that you and the doctor signed the medical certificate.
  8. SACAA will only accept documentation within 30 days of completion.
  9. Please provide Civil Aviation Assist cc with a physical address for courier delivery.
  10. Civil Aviation Assist does not make use of the postal services/speed services @ will not take any responsibility for documents lost or delayed when using postal services.
  11. Civil Aviation Assist will not make any alterations on behalf of the client on documents.
  12. Civil Aviation Assist is forbidden by the SACAA to scan and email any processed legal license to any client. Should we contravene any of these rules and regulations we stand in breach, and may lose our trading license.
  13. Civil Aviation Assist cannot be held responsible for any misplaced and/or lost documents once delivered to the SACAA and signed for by any department or the reception at the SACAA

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries regarding the above.


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