Aircraft Registrations

Aircraft Registration Applications – (Rotor/Aeroplane/RPA)

  • Change of Ownership
  • New Registration/Amendment of Certificate of Registration
  • Cancelation of Certificate of Registration
  • Duplicate Certificate of Registration

Please send your enquiry or application request to

Important information will be requested regarding the current ownership of the aircraft e.g. private, company, partnership, syndicate, or trust. This information will assist us to advise on the supporting documentation requirements.

Please note that the certification dates of documents may not exceed 3 months and should copies be submitted of the new ID cards, we will need a certified copy of the front and the back done in the presence of a Commissioner of Oath (non-interested party).

Documentation that is certified twice will not be accepted. A copy of the original must be stamped and signed by a commissioner.

Civil Aviation Assist Service fee per application – R480.00

Until further notice, the SACAA will only issue a digital copy of the Certificate of Registration that we will forward to you once the application is approved.