Verification Letter

Verification Letter / Accident & Incident Report

Please submit the following (emailed copy)

  1. Verification Letter request addressed to the Director of the SACAA,
  2. Proof of payment of R410.00 (Paid to the SACAA)
  3. Copy of your complete valid SA license and valid SA medical.

Find attached a template, you are welcome to use as well as our details.

Please Note

  • SACAA Verification letter will state that “No Accidents or Incidents were reported or were reported to date on your file”
  • Should you wish the SACAA to send the letter to a foreign governing body, the letter of request must state so, and include an email address.
  • The process takes 10 – 14 working days
  • Our fee will be R425.00. The SACAA will provide you with a digital copy of the letter.