Medical Conversion

Requirements for Conversion of a Foreign Medical to SA Medical

Copies of the following documents must be submitted to the AVMED Division of the SACAA (for the license renewals of pilots who have undergone a medical examination in a country other than South Africa) These forms must be submitted within 60 days of the examination in order for the application to be approved. Once AVMED approves the medical, a fee of R945.00 will be requested. Do not pay this amount before the outcome has been confirmed.

1. The history and examination form (in English), signed by both the foreign AME and the pilot

2. Full eye examination including colour vision testing annually (Examiner must stipulate that a
Ishihara test was conducted and how many plates were assessed)

3. Full Audiogram (submit graph)
a. Pilots under 40 years: every 5 years
b. Pilots over 40 years: every 2 years

4. Resting ECG (submit graph):
a. Pilots under 50 years: every 2 years
b. Pilots over 50 years: annually

5. Stress ECG if indicated

6. Lung Function Tests-Smokers (submit graph):
a. Pilots under 40 years: every 2 years
b. Pilots over 40 years: annually

7. Lung Function Tests (submit graph)
a. Age 40
b. Age 50

*Our fee will be R425.00. A Digital copy will be provided of the SA Medical certificate once approved.