Requirements for Annual Submission for Maintenance of Pilot Licence Validity

The following documents must be submitted within one year after a flight test has been done and within 30 days after completion.

1) Forms:  CA61-183

* Please submit two application forms if you are applying for both Aeroplane and Roater licenses and include supporting logbook copies.

2) Logbook Copies of the last 3 pages incl. 12 Month Summary

Electronic Logbook Copies signed and dated.

New Requirement – (Please complete the summary dates on the exact same day as the application form date.)

* Note this is only an example and the summary must be completed in the logbook NOT on the

example below.

Very important Requirement – Summary of Hours Flown the last 12 Months …01/01/2023 – 31/01/2024 – Dates must be indicated as the last 12 months “From- To Date”)

Types: …

Dual: …

PIC: …

Grand Total Hours: …

3) Valid RSA Medical (PPL Class 1/Class 2, CPL & ATPL Class 1)

4) Payment

PPL      R567.00

CPL      R610.00

ATPL    R705.00