Requirements for Instructors Renewal

1) Form CA 6112.4 (Original)

20 Hours of instruction must be conducted per annum or proof of Instructor’s Seminar attendance must be provided.

2) Logbook Copies of the last 3 pages incl. 12-Month Summary (Incl. Flight Entry, Endorsement)

(Electronic Logbooks must be initialed by the applicant on each page and not certified, except for the endorsement page)

New Requirement – Summary of Hours Flown the last 12 Months …01/12/2022 – 31/12/2023 – Dates must be indicated as the last 12 months “From- To Date”)

Dual: …

PIC: …

Grand Total Hours: …

Please Note: Above Summary is ONLY an example, the summary should be recorded in the logbook.

3) Valid RSA Medical (CPL & ATPL Class 1)


  • CPL –      R610.00
  • ATP –      R705.00
  • No payment will be required if a currency fee was paid for the renewal year, however, should the instructor renewal be done in a new year during the validity of the license another fee will be requested for the new year