Verification Letter

Verification Letter / Accident & Incident Report

Please submit the following (emailed copy)

  1. Verification Letter request addressed to the Director of the SACAA,
  2. Proof of payment of R370.00 Air Crew Licence /R810.00 AME Licence (Paid to the SACAA)
  3. Copy of your complete valid SA licence and valid SA medical.

Find attached a template, you are welcome to use as well as our details.

Please Note

  • SACAA Verification letter will state that “No Accidents or Incidents were reported or were reported to date on your file”
  • Should you wish the SACAA to send the letter to a foreign governing body, the letter of request must state so, and include an email address.
  • The process takes 10 – 14 working days
  • Our fee will be R370.00. The SACAA will provide you with a digital copy of the letter.