Requirements for Re-validation or Maintenance of Competency for holder of CPL/ATP License (A&H) in the Employment of a Foreign Operator

1) Forms: CA61-19 (Original)

2) Foreign Skills Test (must be submitted within 30 days of Flight Test/PPC Check Date)

3)  Letter of employment from company (copy)

4) Copies (not certified):

  • Valid Foreign Licence (Indicating Class/Type Ratings and Language Proficiency)
  • Valid Foreign Medical
  • Last three pages of logbook copies (Incl. flight entry & a dated 12 Month Summary)

(Electronic Logbook pages must be initialled by applicant on each page) 

New Requirement – Summary of Hours Flown the last 12 Months … 01/01/2019 – 31/01/2020 – Dates must be indicated as the last 12 months “From- To”)

Dual: …

PIC: …

Grand Total Hours: …

Please Note: Above Summary is ONLY an example, the summary should be recorded in the logbook. 

5) Valid RSA Medical / Original Certified Copy or Documents required converting a Foreign Medical:

  • History and Examination form (English) signed by both Foreign AME and Pilot, submitted within 60 days from examination.
  • Full Eye examination incl. colour vision testing annually (Near Vision must indicate actual values)
  • Full Audio-gram annually (submit graph)
  • ECG and Stress ECG (submit graph Pilots under 40 every 4 years and over 40 every 2 years)
  • Lung Function Tests (submit graph Pilots under 40 every 4 years and over 40 every 2 years)

Please Note: Conversion of foreign medical may take up to 5 working days at the SACAA AVMED

6) Payment

  • CPL –     R520.00
  • ATP –     R600.00



If you want to renew another license (A)/ (H) on the same application, 2 x CA61-01.0(a) forms need to be completed attached with the complying logbook copies. Foreign language proficiency ratings need to be converted to the South African Licence and a letter of Request needs to be submitted.