Requirements for Initial Skills Test or Competency Check Report for Private Pilot License

Competency Check

1) Forms: CA61-03.4 (Original)

2) Copies (Original Certified by Commissioner of Oath on each page

  • Logbook Copies of the last 3 pages including a dated 12 Month Summary (Incl. Test Entry Endorsement of the last Revalidation of his/her Licence, Endorsement of all Class/Type Ratings/Instrument Ratings)


New Requirement – Summary of Hours Flown the last 12 Months … 01/01/2019 – 31/01/2020 – Dates must be indicated as the last 12 months “From- To Date”)

Dual: …

PIC: …

Grand Total Hours: …

(Electronic Logbooks must be initialed by applicant on each page)

Please Note: Above Summary is ONLY an example, the summary should be recorded in the logbook. 

3) Valid RSA Medical – PPL Class 1 or Class 2

4) SACAA Fee

  • R480.00

Should a license have lapsed by more than 36 months, additional documentation including a CA61-01.0 form, Air Law examination report and an initial skills test will be required (including 5  Cross-Country hours).