Please note that the office of Civil Aviation Assist will be closed for the Christmas Season from 20 December 2017 until the 8th of January 2018. The last licenses to be returned to clients will be on the 20th of December 2017. Taking in consideration the long turnaround time at the SACAA, it will be wise to submit any applications well in advance (at least 5 weeks) should it be needed back before our closing...

Please Note

Please note that the office of Civil Aviation Assist will be closed on 25 August 2017. Should you wish to contact us please send an email  and we will attend to your request Monday 28 August 2017

Annual price increase

Price increase effective from 1 May 2017 Please contact us for details. Please note the SACAA has price increase effective 1 July 2017  

Very Important Information

The Licencing Department of the SACAA informed us that due to the “new Flight Crew system” that was installed and the training of the officers caused a backlog on the issuing of the licenses.  The officers are now familiar with the new system and can speed up the process, but unfortunately, because of the overload of applications, the SACAA has extended the process period for any license to a minimum of 7 working days. Please note this could take a day or two longer, for ratings and medicals must be confirmed on the previous system.  The 7 days starts on the following day after SACAA received the bulk applications from either the agents or the couriers. We understand that the situation causes inconvenience and is frustrating. Civil Aviation Assist assure you that we are doing our utmost to get the licenses processed as soon as possible and keep on following-up on the licenses that are outstanding for longer than 7 days. We will keep our standard and services up as your professional service provider. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this...