ATPL Issue

Requirements for Initial Skills for Airline Transport Pilot License

Initial Skills Test

1) Forms: CA61-07.4 (Airplane) /CA61-08.4(Helicopter) (Original), CA61-01.0 (Original)

CA61-11.4 Instrument Rating (If Required)

2) Copies (Original Certified by Commissioner of Oath on each page)

  • Logbook Copies of the last 3 pages and & DETAILED CAREER Summary (Incl. Flight Entry, Endorsement of the last Re-validation of his/her License, Endorsement of all Class/Type Ratings/Instrument Ratings)

(Electronic Logbooks must be initialled by applicant on each page and not certified, except for the endorsement page)

Please note that effective 01 January 2019 pilot logbooks that do not have an endorsement section will not be accepted by the SACAA Licencing Department and all electronic logbooks must be accompanied by a certified endorsement page. All old logbooks that do not comply must have an endorsement pasted at the back of the logbook with the applicable endorsement entered. 

3) Valid RSA Medical – ATPL Class 1

4) Proof of Theoretical ATPL Exam Reports/Transcript Report

5) Proof of English Language Proficiency in terms of CAR 61.01.7

6) Hold at least a valid general Certificate of Proficiency in Radio-Telephony (aeronautical)

7) Hold a valid instrument Rating

8) Have completed a multi-crew co-operation course

If the MCC was not attended, the applicant must submit a CA61-09.20 form

9) SACAA Fee

  • 780.00



The skills test for an ATPL (A) may also be used for the issue of a type or class rating provided all other requirements for the issue have been met and form CA 61-09.20 accompanies this form.

Applicant must be 21 Years or older.